Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A New Med

We started Risperdal a week ago. I had high hopes. I always have high hopes on a new med and wonder if this is the one that will bring my sweet son back.

The dosage started very low (1/4 mg 3x a day) and is now a little bit higher and then in a week will be at the intended dose (1mg 3x a day).

With bipolar, as with any other mental illness, it's day by day and sometimes hour by hour so I don't want to shout from the rooftops that this is the medicine that will bring the normal back, but I think it's really helping him.

Today, he sat on the couch and actually let me teach him some math tricks for his homework. I used to be a teacher so that to me was just the best thing ever!

I asked him to do a chore (I don't when I know he won't react well to it) and he did it without hesitation or complaint.

He asked nicely for some more pretzels instead of screaming at me.

He woke up in a normal mood and did not, even for a second refuse to go to school.

He told me about his day in school today when I asked and didn't get mad at me for asking him a question.

Right now he is outside with his brother and friend and having fun.

I really have my fingers crossed that this has been the missing piece to the puzzle and this will make life more peaceful for all of us again.


OK, we just had a bad night. He started acting really weird and then started calling me and his brother names and wouldn't stop touching me. While I was helping brother with homework he got a push pin and started scratching the door with it. He then started throwing papers and anything else he could find at me. He was out of control. More later...


  1. Risperdal has really helped Mary tremendously. That is what we started after her hospitalization this past spring and it has made a huge difference! I hope that it continues to help your son! The one side effect that we have seen is weight gain, but it was kind of strange. She gained weight and then grew in height, then gained weight and then grew in height again. It seems to be leveling off now.

  2. Oh no! I had a lot of hope and then I just saw the update. We have not had great luck with antipsychotics but I know lots of people do. Keep us posted.

  3. Just a side note, if he doesn't like the taste, you can flavor it. My daughter refused to take it till we had it flavored with grape flavoring.

  4. Oh, so sorry about the turn in events, keep us posted on how it is working. I can see this drug being next on our list.

  5. How did your appointment go yesterday?

  6. Oh My luv, I'm right there with you! My son (8yrs.) is on Rispersdal as well, currently at 2.5mg total, and we never know just what his responses are going to be to given stimuli or requests. My daughter (9yrs.) is also on Risperdal, w/ the same dose and she seems even less stable. I found your blog through CABF support group7 (yeah, I have yet to introduce myself there).
    I'm blogging too, come find me at My Twisted Stitches!

  7. Hi Sarah - hoping things are going better in Jan 2011 than they were in Nov! Found you througha post on Our Biolar Journey (sweet Kelly's blog). Hope you can post an update soon.