Sunday, July 18, 2010

About Last Night

It wasn’t pretty. It was quite ugly, in fact. He had a major violent rage last night.  It has been three months since the last major rage event occurred. Shame on me for thinking they might be a thing of the past.

He’s been more aggravated and irritable the past few days. I’ve chalked it up to his and his brother’s birthdays this week. They also had a birthday party at the water park. Add on the city swim meet and that’s about the perfect recipe for disaster when mixed with a bipolar kid.

Each rage episode scares me more than the last. I pray that that was the last, but know that it most likely wasn’t.



  1. Hi Sarah,
    I understand the fear you feel. As our boys get stronger they can cause us more harm, my son is starting to really scare me. I worry about what the teen years may be like if he still rages.