Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Patience is Nonexistent!

I have about had it with the irritability! What's worse than a child who is terribly irritable and changes moods with the shift of the wind? Giving that said child his medicine and him not wanting to do it and it all ending up on the floor spit out.

As aggravated as I was, I did the wrong thing, then the right thing. At first I got mad at him and asked him why on earth this has to be so difficult. Of course that ended up in his stomping off and him telling me he's not going to talk to me until next year and me saying not so nice things under by breath after he was in his room.

A few minutes later I went to him and told him I was sorry for getting so angry with him and told him I wanted him to come out and try again. I was going to be calm and patient with him this time. He didn't come out like I had hoped, so I gave him five minutes and told him he could go ahead and get a pudding if he wanted to take it with pudding. Apparently that was what he wanted all along but didn't tell me that.

I can give props to the medicine now though. What would have (could have) turned into a long temper tantrum or rage was pretty minimal. A few sprinkles on the floor versus a major rage....I'll take the mop to mop up the sprinkles anyday!


  1. Oh I agree irritability can be hard to be around, but it's nice to see that the storms can be calmed by the meds.

  2. Oh no. I feel your pain. I love your outlook. Fantastic. Wishing you a peaceful transition as school starts soon.