Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Saturday Morning Episode

DSC_0087Today was a doozy. This is what became of my living room (and kitchen) this morning. Charlie was doing fine…until I told him it was time to clean his room. Talk about a radical change of mood. On his way to his room he cleared off the kitchen table and sent things flying around the room, knocked over two fake trees, a book crate, a big glass/wood picture frame, a picture from the wall and a whole glass full of milk and spewed every nasty thing he could think to call me. BUT, he didn’t try to hurt me or his brother, so we are making some progress I think.

After a few minutes in his room he bolted outside. He’s never given me reason to think he’d do anything dangerous outside, so I allowed him to head outside. He turned on the hose and sprayed things for over an hour. I kept watch from inside to ensure he wasn’t hurting anyone/anything/himself.  Normally I would have physically forced him to come inside and go to his room. I didn’t do that this time and I think the outcome was better.

After all was said and done (about 2.5 hours in all), he came in and was pleasant enough and ready to talk. He acknowledged how Ryan and I must have felt during his rage and cleaned up all of his messes. He said he doesn’t even realize when he’s doing that rage stuff until he’s calmed down. It really is like a caged animal.

The rest of the day was very smooth. He was not allowed to do anything the rest of the day, so he helped me prep the walls for painting and lots of other household chores with not so much of a complaint the rest of the day.

This roller coaster ride is not easy, that’s for sure!



  1. It definitely is a ride I wish our family could get off of, I'm sorry for his struggles today, I'm glad no one was hurt. I hear ya on the "leave them alone" outside thing, it does help my son blow off steam alone, where if I chase him, it just gets worse.

  2. Well it does seem better to have a Bipolar child with OCD that required the house to be in perfect order because to mess up the house like that would have created a melt down of epic proportion! Glad to hear it ended ok. Though like me the measure of ok is well... rather different.