Friday, August 20, 2010

The Glacier

Charlie met with his counselor today. Up to this point, I know Charlie has liked his new male counselor, but I wasn't quite sure what was actually getting accomplished other than him drawing a few things here and there. However, today was different. There was a real break through.

Charlie actually told me what they talked about today. Part of what they talked about was a glacier. His counselor said the top of the glacier is like anger and rage. The bottom, and much bigger part of the glacier that you can't see, is sadness, unhappiness and boredom. Wow! That really illustrates what he is going through! I'd never thought of it in that concrete way before, all though I have told Charlie that his anger has to do a lot with sadness that he doesn't know how to properly deal with.

I'm so glad that today was the way it was, and I can't say that for a lot of our days!



  1. I can't imagine your struggle but, I'm so glad that the counselor seems to be getting through to Charlie. Praying that the progress continues.

  2. Fear is a big emotion behind rage as well. And many bp kids are scared of things that most kids aren't. I know that;s the case with my son and we have to keep aware of that.

  3. I really like that visual, it makes sense.