Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Refusal to Take Depakote

My son refused to take his pills tonight. No amount of cajoling, bribing, holding him, giving him time to think, etc was getting the medicine he needed in his body tonight. A minor rage ensued. I am in tears, he's on the floor asleep in his room, but the pills never made it into his body.

What now? Hope he's "fine" in the morning and willing to take them in the morning is about the best I can do. If not that, than a call to his psychiatrist will be in order I guess.

Do you have an suggestions on how to make a refusing child take his medicine?


  1. My daughter's Depakote is in the sprinkle form and i have mixed it in her oatmeal a time or two and she was none the wiser.Hopefully he is feeling more cooperative in the morning. If his Depakote is pills you could crush them and "hide" them in something. Good Luck kay

  2. Oh so sorry. We haven't been there yet, yesterday he threw his pill across the room, but he recovered quickly and took it. I can't imagine what us moms are suppose to do when they refuse it completely. The sprinkle pill sounds like a good idea as a back up, but can they still taste it? Nothing is easy eh?

  3. Maybe the Depakote isn't helping your son? It's not a good fit for everyone. In fact, I know someone whose child it made psychotic. My experience is that kids have no issue taking meds that help them because the kids want to feel better and be in control of their own behavior. The natural consequence for him not taking the Depakote (if it continues) are side effects and possibly a seizure.

  4. Thanks ladies. When he gets like that, there is no reasoning whatsoever. He wouldn't have eaten, drank anything. The feral animal took over. He woke up this morning and wondered why he was sleeping on his floor with the light on. He apparently forgot about last night and not wanting to irk him before school, I didn't even say a word about it. He took his meds just fine this morning.