Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Boy and the Van

This morning he was fine when he woke up, happy even. We ate breakfast and he disappeared into his room. When I went to remind him to get ready for school, he was hiding underneath his table and said he wasn't going to school. Literally, just moments ago, he was in a very normal mood.

Time went on and it was time to go to school and he was not ready. I told him I was taking Ryan to school and that dad would stay home with him until I got back home.

He now wanted to go to school, but wasn't ready and was very mad about that. He'd come to the van, yell at me, run back to the house, run back to the van and on and on.

Several minutes later he ran up to the van, that was now on the street, and jumped on top of it and got all the way on the top and wouldn't get down. He was up there 30 seconds or so, then got down. He then opened the front door and was trying to break it off by slamming it the opposite way it's supposed to go.

Now he got in the van, but would not buckle. We waited for a few minutes for him to buckle. He'd buckle, then unbuckle, buckle, then unbuckle. Finally he kept it buckled and we drove off. While we were driving out of the neighborhood he unbuckled.

I pulled over as soon as I could and called my husband to come and get him. While we were waiting, he ripped up and wadded up three of his school papers and threw them at my head.

He got into dad's car and I took brother to school. Brother was tardy due to his brother's actions today.

I went home and he had built a fort of sorts and was calmly playing with Legos. I told him that he would have a few more minutes to gather his thoughts and then get ready for school.

An hour later he had calmed down enough to go to school. He went and was fine the whole day and seems to be fine right now.

How is this child who is so far out of his mind that he literally climbs the van like he's King Kong one minute and absolutely fine and dandy the next?

His teacher emailed and said he had a fine day. What??? How could that be?? I want him to have a fine day, but how in the world can he go from downright crazy-acting to normal in no time at all?

I'm so confused!



  1. This is so frustrating for me as well. My daughter bounces like this all the time. Her mood charts and school charts.

    At home trouble = making HUGE improvements at school on her work.

    Great at home = difficult staying on task, talking out of turn or while she should be working, more trips to the school counsler, and ect ect.

    For now I am just trying to deal with the (bad home trouble) She is so far behind.

    If I could get any one thing.. It would be for the staff to understand what is happening at home. (I'm tired of defending myself) I am not crazy.

  2. Oh this sounds SO familiar!!!! I can't understand it either, maybe it's like a brain seizure, it just shows up as bad behavior instead of convulsions. It's like they can't function and we all need to stay far away until they return to us. But this type of on-off behavior can be so stressful for us too, once they are normal, we are left standing trying to make sense of it all.

  3. This sounds just like my daughter was this past spring. It was an incident like what you described that finally pushed us over the edge to hospitalizing her. Never an easy decision! I hope things calm down for you soon! You are in my prayers!