Monday, October 11, 2010

Tonight is Not a Good Night

As I type this, my son is trying to break my door. I've locked myself in my bedroom so as to practice active ignoring. Tonight he is refusing to take his medicine. Besides the natural consequences of one not taking their medicines, I've also told him (in a calm and loving way) that if he chooses not to take his medicine or allow me to give it to him, it will result in him having to take his medicine at the nurse's office (which we'd discussed previously at a more stable time) and also talk to his counselor tomorrow about him deciding not to take his medicine. I would think this would be huge consequence enough for him since he's not ever "real" with his counselor that he loves.

After 30 minutes of this nonsense, he's quieted down. I will go check to see if he's
ready to comply. To be continued....

Well that didn't go well; just pissed him off even more.

So much for a good night. Doesn't help at all that my husband almost eggs him on. Any of you deal with the spouse who is more harm than help?



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  2. My husband’s wishy-washy ways makes it hard when I feel that consistency is the only way. When both of us remain consistent things just run more smoothly. Bed times have to be at the same time every night. No sleeping in on the weekends as this makes the morning routine harder when the week begins. The other night he wanted her to stay up 2 hours past bedtime to help make cookies. Most kids would be fine with this. Not our daughter. The next day she was tired and couldn’t focus to even deal with every day things. Like tie her shoes or brush her hair. Then there is our son who we believe is also ADHD and she can’t hold it together to deal with him. So then the never-ending battles begin to spin.

    Don’t get me wrong. I would love to have a late night game or movie night with our daughter. Sleeping in? I don’t even remember what the feels like. Sure, it would be nice. It just doesn’t work for our kids. Routine keeps us stable.